Maybe a fad, maybe forever

Tonight, sparked an idea for my first blog post… is social media just a fad?

I was downtown getting drinks with a friend when social media suddenly peppered into our conversation. She confessed to me her annoyance with social media. She said, “I’m hoping it eventually just goes away.”

Goes away?! I was in shock. Although I’m no fortune teller, I don’t think social media will ever go away – at least not in this decade. It’s only getting bigger and better, so why not jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride?

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), I’ve encountered this reaction before. People don’t understand social media beyond Facebook and wishes it would all just “go away.” News flash: social media is here to stay.

But, I will admit, not all social media sites are… MySpace may be gaining ground again recently but their heydays are over. Google+? Yeah, good effort.

Tim Cigelske, Senior Communications Specialist at Marquette, told us how Google+ tried to top all other social media sites with SEO of Google+ user-generated content at the top of the page. Twitter, which organically generates ongoing conversations and high SEO, wasn’t too happy about that. Oops, Google.

What about Pinterest? Is that a fad or forever? Augie Ray, former analyst of social media at Forrester, told us his golden rule for predicting the success/failure of social media sites: introducing the “Mom Rule.”

Whenever a new social media site launches, and after personally exploring it himself, Augie Ray asks himself “would my mom use this site?” Seems silly at first, but for most moms out there it totally makes sense.

Google+ isn’t something moms were racing to the computer to create an account on, but Farmville was. Pinterest too is creeping up in the ranks.

Pinterest currently attracts more women than men and deserves some serious attention. According to this Billboard Business article (, Pinterest visitors spend an average of 88.3 minutes on the site, only third to Facebook at 394 minutes and Tumblr at 141 minutes. Clearly Pinterest is here to stay. Which reminds me… I should probably make my account soon.

Bottom line is this: if you don’t like a certain social media site, don’t become an early adaptor. Join the network when you’re ready. If you absolutely hate it after giving it the old college try, then deactivate your account; but whatever you do, don’t underestimate social media.

Still not convinced? Watch this video: The Social Media Revolution 2012 ( “Social media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.”

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4 thoughts on “Maybe a fad, maybe forever

  1. k8tkemp says:

    Aria, I agree with your overall statement that social media is not just a fad. Although, I do think certain sites are. Remember Xanga? I loved that site when I was in middle school, but it is nonexistent now. Same thing with MySpace! I would argue that social media evolves with the time and trends, but the concept is here to stay. Xanga turned in to a site like wordpress and MySpace turned into Facebook.

    Social media is not for everyone, you are right. But there are so many types of social media platforms used for various reasons that there is a site out there for everyone. It is whether they realize it or not that makes the difference.

  2. kmadeleine02 says:

    I definitely agree, social media is not going away anytime soon. How long has facebook been around? Almost a decade? And it’s still only expanding. Same with Twitter. As you stated, while some outlets are beginning to die, the majority are just beginning their presence in social media.
    As technology inevitably grows and evolves, it will create many more options and opportunities for social media. So for those who don’t appreciate it, I unfortunately agree it will be around for some time to come.

  3. courtneyopie says:

    Great post!!! haha I was gonna just leave that, but of course I will say more. I also agree with you about how social media is here to stay. Facebook actually just had a birthday a little while ago. Soooo many changes there!! As with anything there are going to be outlets that don’t make it and that is normal. Sometimes I also wish there were time that social media would just go away and life would be like when we were little and didn’t need to be so connected to our friends

  4. Social media is not going anywhere at all. That’s like saying traditional word of mouth marketing is gone, or conversations. We have been given new tools to extend those relationships online, and should expect the opportunities to better connect with friends, family and even brands in the near future.

    Ignoring social media just means that those folks are not prepared to embrace change. And in the world of marketing, especially digital, we need to embrace everything that is new, and relevant.

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