Foursquare: Safe or Sorry?

Like many people, I’ve been skeptical about signing up for Foursquare since I first heard about it. Why? Maybe I’ve watched one too many Law & Order SVU episodes, or maybe I just don’t like the idea of people constantly knowing where I am. Either way, I’m slowly becoming the minority.

Don’t believe me? According to this infographic:

  • 10 million people currently use Foursquare
  • There are 3 million check-ins EACH DAY
  • 400,000 businesses use Foursquare as a marketing tool
  • 78,387 venue mayors are ousted each day
  • And 358 million check-ins occur outside the United States

Bottom line: Foursquare is safer than you might think and advantageous for businesses – if utilized properly. Some benefits include:

  • attracting nearby consumers
  • awarding frequent customers with loyalty programs
  • sharing local deals
  • and monitoring check-ins to determine value

The key difference between Foursquare and other location-based services (like Google Maps) is that Foursquare relies on peer-to-peer suggestions and reviews. Instead of just Googling what’s nearby, Foursquare allows you to visit places based on where your friends have checked-in.

Where are people checking in the most?

  • Apparel
  • Banks
  • Convenience
  • Home
  • Retail

If you are a business that fits into any of these categories, I’d jump on the bandwagon and join Foursquare already.

I did, and although I have very secure privacy settings, I still feel like I’m getting something out of it. Not only can I see peer-to-peer suggestions but I also have another outlet to communicate my appreciation and interest in certain brands.

And if you’re still a little skeptical, as I was, check out this article: Common Sense Safety Tips For Foursquare. Follow some of those suggestions, hype up your security settings, use your best judgment and I promise you won’t be sorry you joined.

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