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Facebook Timeline for Brands

On Wednesday, Facebook announced the launching of timelines for some brand pages and will be pushed to everyone on March 30th. Personally, I’m excited to see how brands will react.

Most people hate when Facebook changes. And, from a social business standpoint, some people still aren’t using Facebook to it’s fullest potential. If that’s the case, I’m extremely curious to see how brands will utilize the new interface.

If you’re not that tech savvy, don’t be too nervous. Jim Belosic, author on mashable.com states,

“From a design perspective, pages will be more aesthetically pleasing, but timeline for pages is just an enhancement to an existing product, and the rules are all the same or possibly even better.”

That being said, it’s important to note the word “enhancement.” The new Facebook timeline will be an enhancement to brands; meaning the general purpose of a branded Facebook page won’t change. Facebook should still be utilized as a social media platform that engages consumers in a two-way conversation targeting an audience that is loyal or has interest in your product/service.

The Facebook timeline, therefore, should be used to improve this goal. It is strictly a design and visual enhancement that will allow brands to tell a more authentic and engaging story. It’s how a brand chooses to tell it’s story that will make all the difference.

I also believe it will make brands more personal for visitors. The interface allows for more prominent visuals and media, making it easier for brands that rely heavily on displaying their products or services to demonstrate the features and benefits of their products. The bottom line: more visuals and pictures will allow for more branding opportunities.

Take a look at how Ben & Jerry’s was able to improve their Facebook page with the new timeline:

In the first photo, you can see how Ben & Jerry’s was able to enhance their logo with the complimentary profile picture and cover photo. In the second image, you can see how they are taking advantage of the visuals to discuss new products and the story behind each flavor. Finally, in the third picture, you can see how they are using the timeline feature to tell its story as a brand and how it has evolved over time.

With with this key benefit of improved branding, I believe the Facebook timeline will be a turning point for social businesses wishing to improve their presence and interaction with consumers on Facebook.

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